Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Goodies from Ann Taylor

After writing a post on Ann Taylor's sale, I snuck into their store today to have a peek at some of the items. Ann Taylor has a great selection right now - lots of summer whites and plenty of nice dresses, as well.

I wound up falling in love with three things while I was in the store, even though one of them wasn't on sale (sigh). See what I got below:

Textured Stripe Tank (Under $30!)

The tank came out to under $30, so that was a no-brainer. It's a nice texture (fancy enough for work - not your standard white tank), and it fits quite well. The shirtdress unfortunately didn't fit as well, but I dropped it at the tailor right after I purchased it. It came out to only $50 after the sale, so spending a bit extra to have it altered didn't seem so bad - I'm on the smaller side and just need it to be a bit more snug. It's perfect for a summer party, and it's work-appropriate, too - great for those very hot summer days (which NYC has seen all week long)!

And the lemon sweater - forget it. I was a goner the second it caught my eye. The sleeves and back are cotton, and the front panel with the lemons is a lighter, silky material, so it breathes very well for a summertime sweater. Too cute. (Click the link to see the back).

Their sale is still going on - hopefully you can find things you like, too! Don't miss out. Click below (or on any of the links above) to shop.


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