Tuesday, December 23, 2014

SUPER Last-Minute Gifts

Let's be serious - I KNOW some of you still have some shopping to do, and it's the day before Christmas Eve. (I still have to pick something up for some people - no shame admitting it)! If you don't have time to run to the store, consider a digital gift card.

While a lot of people think that a gift card might be a bit impersonal, I think it's one of the BEST gifts I can receive. It's always great to be at a store and have some "free" money toward a shopping trip - and it's a gift that gives you what you really want - because you can pick something out yourself. In fact, when my family asked me what I wanted this year, for both my birthday and Christmas, I said a gift card!

I've listed some popular stores below that offer digital gift cards..hopefully this helps some of you out.

2. Amazon

7. Lulu*s

10. Wayfair



  1. I've gotten digital cards from lululemon and J.Crew as well... and I agree, unless you know of something the recipient definitely wants, gift cards are maybe the nicest present to open!
    Sadly even though I've finished my shopping I still have to wrap every single thing!