Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Living Room Updates

I spent all day yesterday going through my closets, pulling out clothing and other items to donate, and getting rid of some older things in my apartment that I no longer needed. It always feels good to do a little Spring cleaning, and I wanted to make room for some newer decor items in my place. I just decided to sign another year in my current apartment (this will be my fourth year in this spot..wow!), so I'm redecorating slightly to make things feel new. 

I made a trip to Target yesterday and wound up filling my entire backseat and trunk with new things: a rug, pillows, a throw blanket, a bar cart (finally!), and lots of small trinkets for my living room. The bar cart was the first thing I grabbed, and because of its gold detailing, I added in some smaller gold items to match, like this bowl, this tray, and this larger-than-life Jacks playing piece (so cute..I used to love this game). This place mat is sitting underneath bar items on the cart, like these cute straws and this bottle opener. I also got a new white rug, which is really making my apartment feel Spring-y and quite clean, along with the help of this lemon-scented candle.

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