Wednesday, September 13, 2017

NYC Guide: The Latest Dining App You Need for Fall

One of the largest items on my to-do list is to start throwing dinner parties when I have an apartment that can fit a full dining area. I entertain quite often in my current place and love to serve drinks and apps, but I can't wait to have a more formal, sit-down affair. And what better way to do this, if from time to time, I wouldn't even have to cook?

There's a fairly new app out for the NYC area called Eat With Alfred, and I cannot wait to try it - because it helps you with just that - setting up dinner parties sans the cooking. The app walks you through picking out a special meal to be prepared by a private chef in your own home. You can "meet" a few chefs and begin to plan your perfect night in right from your phone!

A special evening (or afternoon, if you prefer a brunch!) like this would be perfect for a small housewarming, a birthday with a few close friends, or even an anniversary with just two of you in a cozy setting. Take a peek at all of the meal possibilities and chefs waiting for your next dinner party here.

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  1. The app is just brilliant piece for the busy people and gets the menu and food at your hands. It is the best and easy way to order food online instead of hectic cooking.